The Highland Cup

The HDSA-HSL has established the Highland Cup as an new Inter-club competition

The Highland Cup

In cooperation with our member clubs, the HDSA/HSL has established a new competition to be played among our member club competitive teams.

The Highland Cup is open to any teams in the regiona and we hope to run Cup games in both the summer and winter season. These will be extra games scheduled between regular league games for teams, with a single cup competiton for each age and gender group (e.g. Under 15 Girls) regardless of their 'level'. Teams decalre their participation early each season and home-away series are then set up in a 'knock-out' format where winners move on to the next rund until a Cup winner is declared.

We are kicking off the games with competitions for indoor teams this winter - CC Riders and Highland FC teams at U15 Girls, U17 Girls, and U17 Boys. Schedules and results for those games can be found here.

Stay tuned for more information for the upcoming summer Highland Cup!